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Ziu Ghjuvà

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High quality essential oils and floral waters

Are you looking for essential oils and floral waters that will solve many of your problems? Ziu Ghjuvà’s products are just what you need. The raw materials used in its essential oils and floral waters are organically grown and the products are pure and uncut. They are the ideal way to fight acne, wrinkles or rosacea.

The everlasting they contain is known for its moisturizing and antibacterial properties, making it the perfect ally for dry, atopic or problem skin.

With Ziu Ghjuvà products, your skin will thank you!

Ziu Ghjuvà

Having a general education background, Dumè Libonati launched herself into farming in 2013. From the beginning she decided to work with endemic aromatic plants and to create only natural products.

Two years ago, she decided to launch her own company which she called Ziu Ghjuvà in homage to her uncle, a farmer. As of now, the company’s products are all made of everlasting which she plants and cultivates in the commune of Sagone, in the Liamone, a region of Corsica.

Ziu Ghjuvà, natural products revolving around everlasting