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Aromatic herbs with an incomparable fragrance

Whether you are a tea lover, a gourmet or even a Michelin-star chef, Casa Orsi’s aromatic herbs will add an incomparable flavour to your dishes, while showcasing all the region’s know-how.

From the most classic herbs such as rosemary, laurel or oregano, to the freshest in the mouth such as basil, fennel or lemon verbena, without forgetting the more « nustrale » (local) ones such as myrtle and nepita; found alone or in a blend (maquis, fish, salad), Casa Orsi’s organic aromatic salts and herbs will enable you to flavour your dishes while taking care of your health.

AB certification
Produced by organic farming and AB certified (Organic Farming certification), Casa Orsi’s organic aromatic herbs offer many benefits. Low in calories, they are rich in chlorophyll, vitamin K and antioxidants and help to fight free radicals.

But their real magic lies in the fact that they can turn even the most trivial dish into a real treat for your taste buds. The Mélange du Maquis blend of aromatic salts (coarse salt, rosemary, laurel, myrtle, nepita) is a real treasure to be sprinkled as you wish on all your dishes, cold or hot at the end of cooking, for a note that subtly evokes the scents and flavours of the Corsican maquis.

Infusions and decoctions with enchanting names
And after a good hearty meal, what could be better than a small infusion to ease digestion?

You will be spoilt for choice with the 19 infusions and decoctions offered by Casa Orsi, which all bear enchanting names… From Dolce invernu di Corsica containing everlasting, orange and eucalyptus to comfort yourself in case of a cold snap to Frissons d’été (Summer Chills with verbena-citronella, lemon balm, mint) to refresh yourself on a hot day; from Stimulant des lutins (elves’ stimulant) (lemon, (lemon verbena, lemon balm, nepita) to help you fall asleep, to Tentation des gourmands, Souffle des anges (Angel’s Breath) or Elixir des fées (Fairies’s elixir) (milk thistle, citrus fruits, artichoke), there is really something for everyone!

The company
Casa Orsi is a small company specialising in the sale of aromatic herbs and infusions of all kinds. It grows and pack all its products in its farm in Cap Corse.

The products are therefore exclusively elaborated by them in order to bring you all the flavours and benefits of the aromatic diversity of the Cap Corse region, and they only select and sell high quality produce. The selections vary according to the harvest and the seasons.

Casa Orsi: infusions, aromatic salts and herbs to liven up your dishes