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Decoration, gift ideas…
You are looking for the perfect gift for a housewarming party, your significant other or simply a friend but you are short of ideas?
Each change of season makes you want to redecorate your home… but you would like something trendy and original to hang on your walls?
Do you love nature and like to see flowers all year round?
You will love Immurtale Corsica’s art frames of dried flowers and plants from the maquis!
The delicate green of the ivy leaves, the bright gold of the everlasting flower, the deep pink of the bougainvillea petals or the intense purple of the columbines… any stroll in the countryside offers Marina Bazzali the opportunity to collect the future pigments that will compose her frames.
Evocative of the feelings and emotions only wild nature can arouse, each frame echoes this beautiful nature that it showcases.
The delicate lace of the wild carrot, the elegant cut of the fern leaves or the gracefulness of the rose petals are combined to perfection in compositions as beautiful as they are varied, for all tastes and all budgets!
Country decor for a rustic interior; either poetic, chic or muted for a shop, or just brightly playful for a child’s room, all interiors can be adorned with the plant art of Immurtale Corsica.

Each creation is the end result of passion
A very young Corsican company inspired by the oldest perfumeries in Florence, Immurtale Corsica boasts its love for dried flower bouquets and potpourri.
The everlasting flowers used are picked in the vicinity of the village of Albertacce in the Niolu region of Corsica.
From the rigorous selection of the plants to their collection, from the delicate process of pressing them to the long drying time, from the meticulous work of composition of the piece of art to the final installation of the glass of the frame, each step of the production of a plant frame is entirely artisanal and handmade.
Each creation is therefore the product of a passion, of a love affair with flowers and the emotions watching them arouse in us, followed by a long maturation process which finally takes shape once under glass.
Immurtale Corsica offers you the beauty of the Corsican wild nature to behold all year round!

Immurtale Corsica : Enjoy the wild nature of the island of Beauty all year round