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Association Giranduloni
Class of 2022/2023

The team

We are 11 students of the Master LEA course « Valorisation et Commercialisation Internationale des Produits Insulaires » at the University of Corsica and we have decided this year to promote the everlasting flower (Helychrisum italicum) in all its forms (cosmetics, aromatherapy & phytotherapy, but also its use in food & drinks, decoration and even jewellery) at the International Craft Fair of Milan which will take place from the 3rd to the 11th of December 2022.

« The team » in a few… well-chosen words

  • Anne-Lise

    Passionate about rallying, she still doesn’t have her driving licence… But beware, this year, her mind is set on it, so… Watch out!!!

  • Antoine

    Currently developing a business idea to recycle plastic waste in Corsica and turn it into fun furniture, he likes to chime in with Camille to make the rest of the team feel guilty every time they dare to buy a bottle of water… And what about the planet, eh?

  • Camille

    The vegetarian of the team. She’s spending all her free time working on a new “atypical” drink made from everlasting flower infused in donkey milk, which will be a hit… she’s sure of it!

  • Carina

    Always ready to offer a Doliprane in case of an impromptu migraine, she is a bit like the group’s mother who always encourages her friends, whatever choices – sometimes perfectly dubious! – that they decide to make.

  • Clara

    Clara, Clara, Clara… Ah, Clara! How to sum up Clara in one word? The ‘punctual’ one of the team, perhaps? Her motto: “better be late than on time”… to make sure SHE doesn’t keep waiting!

  • Diana

    Beware of sleeping water… As discreet as she is efficient, Diana is also a VERY bad loser. A wise word of advice: always put Graziella and Diana in the same team!

  • Elisabeth

    The « bubbly » one… passionate about (good) wine, especially after 4pm, she is always ready for adventure and improvised outings with friends!

  • Graziella

    Underneath her discreet elegance lies a formidable opponent at rummy. A real shark that will leave you with nothing but the clothes you stand in.

  • Irina

    The voice of wisdom… Well, so she says!

  • Marine

    A WWE fan, she is unfortunately currently out of action following an injury against a formidable opponent: the Oriente pavement!

  • Mathias

    A pure product of the Limousin region, he chose to move to Corsica for the excellence of the LEA course, the beach, the booze and the « nustrale » parties…

The association…

The Giranduloni association was created in October 2018, on the initiative of the students of the Master 1 LEA (master’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages) course aimed at promoting and marketing Corsican products on the international stage.
It is composed solely of students enrolled in LEA Master’s degree. Governed by the law of 1901, it is a non-profit association.

The Association has carried out several international projects since its creation: participation in a fair in Valencia (Spain) with the Gastronoma project, creation of a virtual window display showcasing a selection of Corsican products with the Eden Corsica project, and in 2021, they organized a fashion show to promote Corsican fashion, glasses and jewellery designers as part of the Pretty Isula project (website:

Roles within the association

– Antoine Rizza, President
– Camille Cacchiata, Vice President
– Mathias Lauthier, Treasurer
– Patricia Gomes-Eiras, Secretary
– Marine Vannucci & Carina Teixeira Leal, Vice-Presidents in charge of communication strategy
– Clara Falconetti-Albertini, Vice-President in charge of partnership strategy
– Graziella D’Oriano & Diana Eusebio, Vice Presidents in charge of International Relations
– Irina Florea & Elisabeth Forissier, Vice Presidents in charge of event strategy
– Anne-Lise Gimenez, Press Officer


If you want to contact us for more information:

  • Association Giranduloni
    Universita di Corsica – Campus Mariani
    20250 Corté – France