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When our skin is crying out for help and the need for hydration is urgent at the change of season, Circinella is there to bring suppleness and comfort to our epidermis.

Its soaps, body oils, beauty elixirs and lip balms are specially designed according to the principles of Slow Cosmetics to help naturally fragile skin (suffering from eczema, dermatitis, etc.) to fight external aggressions.

Circinella’s cold process soaps and cosmetic care products are all made from organic ingredients and all the essential oils used come from Corsican endemic plants such as everlasting, rosemary, laricio pine or clementine zest…

For a soft and well moisturized skin, rid of its impurities and treated with respect, Circinella’s cold process soaps and cosmetic face and body care products have it all!

Available in single wrappings or in beautiful sets (Principella, Découverte, Intégral, etc.), Circinella’s cold process soaps, beauty elixirs, oils and balms are all made without preservatives and in the greatest respect of the environment.

With a zero-waste approach in mind, Circinella only uses recyclable and biodegradable packaging: the sets are made of paper and the bottles are made of glass and aluminium. The brand has also implemented a recycling scheme that allows you to bring back your empty bottles to the shop in order to collect and reuse them.

Circinella’s scented waxes to place in your drawers & wardrobes to perfume your clothes and laundry or its natural candles with Oud wood are original gift ideas that will make a great impression without breaking the bank!

Cold process soaps… A revelation that gave birth to a calling

It was Coralie d’Amore’s passion for Corsica, nature and cosmetics that led her to create her own brand in 2017. Having been suffering from eczema since she was a child, the founder’s life changed completely when she met a soap maker in 2010. After dozens of approximately effective treatments, this this soap maker was eventually the one who provided her with the miracle solution: cold process soap. She started to gather information about the subject… a calling was born, the beginning of a new adventure!

After law studies, Coralie decided to start all over again and train to become a soap maker. She then developed her own formulas and quickly set up her laboratory.

She then took care of all the creative work, drawing her mare – which soon became a unicorn – as the brand’s logo and created all her packaging, which features her own handwriting.

The name « Circinella » is a reference to a historical figure on the island of Corsica: Domenico Leca, known as Circinellu. Originating from the village of Guagnu, like Coralie, he was a 13th-century resistant priest. Circinella’s founder therefore paid tribute to him, but chose a feminine version of his nickname.

The laboratory and the shop are located in the heart of the village of Vico. The brand also has a merchant website from which you can order products:

A brand that cares about the well-being of its customers and the environment

The designer harvests her own everlasting in the commune of Guagnu, 1000 metres above sea level, on the land of her farmer husband. All the raw materials used in the making of the products are fair trade, organic and sourced from Corsican agriculture.

Circinella only works with essential oils of endemic plants such as everlasting, rosemary, laricio pine, clementine zest…

Circinella, nature at its best!

Did you know that…

Cold saponification is an artisanal method of making very mild soaps for body and face cleansing based on a chemical reaction (saponification) that occurs by mixing fats (vegetable oils and butters) with soda (sodium hydroxide).
This « cold » technique makes it possible to obtain soaps containing saponified fatty acids (soap), glycerine and non-saponified fatty acids (surgras), which are particularly appreciated in slow cosmetics. The slow chemical reaction at room temperature, coupled with a drying time of several weeks, preserves the nourishing and moisturising properties of the plant oils and butters used, as well as those of the essential oils often added to the preparation.