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Paolina Brewery

What better way to quench your thirst than a cold beer? Well, a craft beer with a very unique taste!

Innovative, surprising, ecological, and usually locally brewed, craft beers also boast a unique taste that really makes them stand out.

The current trend as regards beer is still to drink it chill, but above all to choose craft beers. Artisanal beers are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world and beer lovers are attracted to atypical brands from small local breweries such as Brasserie Paolina.

Located in Corte, in the heart of Corsica, the Paolina brewery is a strong-minded brand that offers five types of white, blonde (pale ale, lager), or amber beers with a strong character.

Honey, chestnuts, everlasting…, the Corsican soil abounds in endemic plants and artisanal products that are just waiting to be added to the composition of beers and which the passionate brewers of Paolina Brewery have taken advantage of to create truly original flavours.

Wherever you are in the world, all you have to do now is open a bottle of Paolina to be transported to a land of tradition and authenticity… A Paolina beer opens you a world of hospitality, sharing, friendship, and will make you discover the flavours of Corsica, as Paolina embodies the history, the land, and the state of mind of the Island of Beauty.

Light and spicy, round, and smooth, bitter or sweet, refreshing in summer and comforting in winter, Paolina beers are perfect for all occasions and pair perfectly with traditional Corsican dishes… and those of other regions!

The variety of Paolina beers’ flavours is so rich that it is well worth discovering over and over again.

authentic aromas & flavours for original beers