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Les jardins d’Alesani

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Whether you are a gourmand with a sweet tooth or a gourmet with a savoury one, a simple lover of good things or a Michelin-star chef seeking to enhance them, Les Jardins d’Alesani’s incredible range of traditional cordials, jams and vinegars will thrill your taste buds in more than a thousand ways… Or rather 58 to be exact!

The products…

If we had to summarise their products simply, we would say that they are aimed at lovers of simple things and of true, authentic taste. You will find all the fragrances and aromas of Corsica in its cordials (arbutus, everlasting, basil), jams (mountain raspberry, fig and walnut with P&M Corsican whisky, clementine), marmalades (citron, bitter orange), and vinegars (citron, myrtle and even maquis!).
Everything is homemade, with traditional, tried and tested recipes (and let us tell you that the tasters were numerous!) and fruit grown without chemical fertilisers or synthetic pesticides but in the greatest respect for the environment.
The cordials are traditionally consumed as drinks (with still or sparkling water, mixed with wine or sparkling wine, in cocktails, etc.), but can also act as toppings or seasonings (on ice creams, dairy products, salads), be incorporated into your pastries and desserts, or be used as a deglazing or marinade for your meats and fish, the limit is your imagination!
Resulting from a traditional process and time-tested recipe, the vinegars’ amazing flavours will put a fresh spin on your salads, sauces and seasonings or deglazing.

The story…

Founded in 2004 by Catherine and Patrice Bouret in Felce, the Jardins d’Alesani is above all a family business that intends to enhance the value of the fruit from the farm’s orchard and is defined in four words: tradition, simplicity, respect for the environment and authenticity.
You can find all the products of Jardins d’Alesani but also consult their points of sale on their website:
Little bonus: the site offers numerous cooking and cocktail recipes to give you plenty of ideas! Enjoy!

Les Jardins d’Alesani: a wide range of flavours that will surprise and delight everybody.