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San Lisei

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Cosmetic care that is environmentally friendly

You want to moisturise and nourish your skin, regulate your acne or delay the appearance of wrinkles? You quite fussy about the quality of the products you use? You support local businesses and bet on female expertise?

San Lisei, the Corsican cosmetics brand based in Niolu, a region of Corsica, meets all your criteria and many more!

Ever conscious of the environment and committed to your skin all year long, San Lisei offers you a range of products ‘Made in Corsica’ made from natural and organic raw materials mainly sourced from its fields located in Lozzi, in the Niolu region.

San Liseu’s face and body care products feature everlasting, prickly pear and apricot, used in particular for their regenerating, toning and antioxidant properties, which make them very effective anti-ageing products.

The Corsican everlasting (helichrysum italicum) is features in many of the company’s range of products such as serums, wildflower waters, dry body oils and soy-based scented candles.

True to its sustainable development commitment, San Lisei has invested in the land and currently owns 2 hectares of everlasting plantations.

The company was created in 2015 by Oksana Simeoni—then a student at the University of Corsica—who was able to gear her university training (from farm management to chemistry studies) to meet her ambition to create a cosmetics company in her Niolu region.

All the stages of production, from the harvesting of local raw materials to the labelling of the products, are therefore carried out directly by the company on the estate.

San Lisei thus offers its customers a beautiful range of organic products, healthily formulated and produced in a responsible manner. To apply without moderation!

San Lisei: face & skin care cosmetics ‘Made in Corsica’