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Louis Napoleon Mattei, a visionary
A pioneer in marketing and commerce, at once visionary and businessman, Louis Napoléon Mattei was the first to imagine a life-size advertisement for his aperitif by displaying his name in full letters on the façade of the Moulin Mattei, which soon became a true symbol of the brand and an emblem of the Cap Corse region in Corsica.
As the Cap Corse region had a large agricultural potential, the founder of the LN Mattei brand made the most of his land by planting citron trees which are used in the composition of his famous Cap Corse aperitif containing cinchona bark…

A 150-year anniversary celebrated this year…
Created 150 years ago, the LN Mattei distillery continues today to seduce lovers of good spirits with the irreproachable quality of its products.
Cap Corse, Cap Corse Grande Réserve, Cédratine and Myrttei are the flagship products of the brand, which has also diversified into non-alcoholic products by offering cordials (grenadine, lemon, mint) for the greatest pleasure of children.

… with the release of Limoncellu
The distillery which celebrated its 150th anniversary this year wanted to mark the event as it should by releasing a brand new alcohol: Limoncellu… a perfect balance between acidity and sweetness, Limoncellu is one of the most appreciated digestives in Corsica.
Don’t hesitate to visit the brand’s regularly updated website to discover all its products as well as new recipes, photos of important events and hints about upcoming ones… not to mention a whole range of lifestyle accessories.

LN Mattei, your summer ally
Originally designed for festivals, fairs and other parties, LN Mattei fans, bobs and caps will put you in the party mood, while pretty collector posters or glass sets will delight your guests!
The LN Mattei Distillery also (literally) goes the extra mile to meet you and make you discover its products (and to party with you a little too!) at festivals and fairs all year long. It is a constant feature of the Calvi on the Rocks festival and the brand and its little van made a remarkable entry at the Art’è Gustu event this year. Clara (a member of our team and a trainee at LN Mattei at the time) was therefore delighted to meet you in Bonifacio and, above all, to prepare you Capo’Spritz with her colleague from the Casanova brand.
A very young brand, only boasting 150 years of activity, the dynamic LN Mattei Distillery still has many surprises, twists and innovations in store for us.
While waiting to discover them, don’t hesitate to visit the distillery’s website: or to check its social media to get all its latest news.

You are a professional mixologist or you’re simply looking for original products to create original cocktails and impress friends at parties? LN Mattei’s L’Immortel (Immortal) Gin is the product for you!

L’Immortel gin combines the original flavours of juniper, laurel, various citrus fruits and that of the Corsican gold, everlasting (immortelle in French), with a top quality gin.