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Its essential oils, hydrolats, cosmetics and flavoured honeys all have one thing in common: they are organic and produced with the greatest respect for nature.

Everlasting flower, the medicinal gold with many assets showcased by Terra Divina
Everlasting flower, whose name comes from the Greek helios, meaning « sun », and chrysos, meaning « gold », is known for its therapeutic benefits (healing, antibacterial, antioxidant, etc.) and is found in many of Terra Divina’s products: essential oils, hydrolats, roll-ons, solar macerations, anti-ageing serums, etc.
But if the everlasting flower is the company’s flagship plant, their harvest does not stop there. The two partners of Terra Divina cultivate or pick many other plants such as nettles, loofahs, green myrtle, noble laurel, eucalyptus or St. John’s wort, which are used in aromatherapy, phytotherapy, cosmetics or in cooking (honey).

Invaluable benefits for your skin and your well-being!
Regenerating or anti-ageing serums and solar macerations can be integrated into our beauty routine as a toning, anti-wrinkle or soothing treatment for sun-damaged skin, while essential oils and hydrolats can be used on bruises, scars, eczema or mouth ulcers, and can also be alleviate migraines, anxiety, nausea and body aches.
Two years after meeting at the agricultural college in Borgo in 2018, Audrey Langlois and Jean-François Pautonnier decided to join forces to create Terra Divina, a 50-hectare farm spread throughout Corsica.
The business is particularly proud of the large variety of plants, all grown naturally, that it uses, but of particular note are the 5 hectares of Corsica’s endemic plant: everlasting flower. This golden land is located not far from the village Rutali where it all began…

Terra Divina’s watchword is organic
All Terra Divina products are certified organic by Ecocert and the farm managers respect life as a whole. They only work small plots of land, using the principles of agroforestry: the plots are interspersed with various endemic plants already present on the land, they create living hedges, are committed to reducing mechanisation to a minimum and only use green manure.
They also advocate a form of harvesting that respects the wild flora and is as natural as possible. The plants are picked by hand, with a pruning knife or a saw, and only when they are at their best, because quality is obviously a key value for our enthusiasts.

You’re experiencing body aches on a daily basis? Have a dry skin and feel your body needs to detox? Terra Divina is just what you need!