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Corsica’s first brand of premium teas and infusions
Soleil de Corse, Amore, Sous les châtaigniers, Fais-moi rougir or Coup de foudre à Bastia are just a few of the wildly evocative names of the tea or Rooibos-based blends offered by Callysthé – the first brand of premium teas and infusions made in Corsica.

Warm up your dreary winter days with a cup of the Soir d’hiver (Winter Evening) blend with fruity and woody notes of fig and chestnut, and for a refreshing moment on long summer evenings, indulge in an iced tea of the Fais-moi rougir (Make me Blush) blend with the fruity and tangy notes of four organically grown red fruits.

Teas with a Corsican flavour
Inspired by the unprecedented popularity tea enjoys in the United Kingdom, a young tea lover decided to launch in 2016 an artisanal production that would be « Made in Corsica » and represent the identity of his island. A play on the words thé (tea in French) and Kalliste/Callista, the name given to Corsica by the Greeks (and meaning The Most Beautiful), the name Callysthé was then chosen for the brand.

Today, the first Corsican brand of teas and infusions has succeeded in combining the raw material sourced directly from producers in China, India or South Africa with the flavours of the plants and produce emblematic of the island of beauty.

Drawing on all the flavours and scents of Corsica (chestnut, fig, citron, hibiscus, everlasting, myrtle, nepita, Corsican saffron, etc.) and associating them with the best teas in the world, Callysté also adds here and there a few floral notes from dried flowers (Damask rose, everlasting, mallow, hibiscus) or essential oils (everlasting, bergamot) for sunny, reassuring or passionate compositions that will thrill you at tea time… and at all the other times of the day!

Cocoa beans, cinnamon or cayenne pepper for intense and spicy notes; chestnut and almonds for a moment of sweetness; mint, nepita and a hint of ginger for a fresh and invigorating wake-up call or lemon, citron and basil for a welcome boost, Callysthé’s range is made up of about fifteen tasty blends to be enjoyed hot or iced.

Quality, trust and traceability

Quality, trust and traceability are the three pillars of the brand, and it is for their finesse and quality that the Darjeeling or Assam black teas, the Sencha or Darjeeling green teas or even the Pai Mu Tan white tea and the Rooibos have been selected. Its infusions are also the result of a collaboration with local herbalists and producers, which guarantees impeccable traceability.

Concerned about the environment, the tea brand also ensures 100% eco-responsible manufacturing of its products by eliminating plastic from its packaging and by presenting its teas and infusions in beautifully designed boxes that can be refilled over and over again thanks to its fully compostable refill bags.
Already present in specialised shops across the island and the mainland, Callysthé’s expansion abroad has also been successful as it is now possible to buy Callysthé products in Belgium and Luxembourg.

And last but not least, a new product: non-alcoholic sparkling infusions

In its constant search for innovation, the brand has succeeded in surprising and satisfying its customers by creating a new product in the spring of 2022: non-alcoholic sparkling infusions.

Callysthé… Fragrant and enchanting teas that add the flavours of Corsica to the world’s finest teas and Rooibos