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Huiles essentielles et hydrolats…

You want to treat a bruise, help a small wound to heal, stimulate your circulation? Everlasting essential oil will be your best ally! You have a runny nose and have trouble breathing? The expectorant and decongestant properties of rosemary and green myrtle essential oils will help you fight the cold weather. You want to fight your cellulite and… win? Diuretic and body-firming, the essential oil of organic Crithmum maritimum will be your secret asset!
Applied with care on the skin (but always diluted in a vegetable oil), Mimalodrina Essenziali Di Corsica’s essential oils and hydrolats have amazing effects and can be used to treat a variety of life’s daily health ailments.
Essential oils are particularly effective in cases of joint or muscle pain, burns, bruises, colds and even have an effect on cellulite!
By-products of distillation, the hydrolats that contain the aromatic molecules are much more diluted. They are therefore much more suitable for certain sensitive people, children and pregnant women.
Located between the sea and the mountains in the micro region of Cap Corse, the company Mimalodrina Essenziali Di Corsica has developed a range of organic, pure and unmodified essential oils and aromatic hydrolats that will help you take care of your body for your greatest well-being.
Ecocert certified, the company created in 2019 by Rémi Bartoletti is the result of a collaboration between the company manager, a former distiller from Grasse and the University of Corsica. All raw materials are natural aromatic plants endemic to Corsica that grow on their land, which explains a modest – but effective – range of products.

A farmer’s grandson, Rémi Bartoletti was attached to his land in Cap Corse, which he nevertheless abandoned for many years to work in different industries. A life reappraisal led him to focus on what he really liked and working the land appeared to him as an obvious choice. After a thorough training and the contribution of an expert in distillation, the company Mimalodrina Essenziali Di Corsica was created in Brando, in the Cap Corse.

Mimalodrina’s philosophy is to « work in harmony with nature and the products that surround us »; that’s why the company only uses products that the founders grow themselves.

Their products
Mimalodrina Essenziali Di Corsica offers essential oils and organic hydrolats from the following five plants: Everlasting, Crithmum maritimum, Rosemary Verbenone, Clementine Petit Grain and Green Myrtle.

The essential oil of immortelle is your best ally!